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George Springer Not Providing RBI Opportunities For Teammates


Let’s take a closer look at George Springer’s production.

16 games is a relatively small sample size, but it is also about 10% of the season.

Astros Finally Have Proper Batting Order


I’ve been hoping to see a lefty bat in the #2 spot for awhile now. I was thinking Aoki, but Reddick works just fine too.

I was happy to turn the game on tonight against Seattle and see that Reddick was sandwiched between Springer and Altuve.

Even against a LHP, I would still like to see Reddick or Aoki hitting #2.  When we stack all of our right handed batters at the top, I actually think it helps the pitcher adjust to facing right handed bats.

Astros Need To Change Up The Batting Order

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros

This is just an idea to get our bats going.

Looking at some of the successful teams from last year, like the Cubs and Rangers, I noticed that they changed the batting order quite a bit.

Minute Maid Park New Look


Minute Maid Park is about to host its first game with the updated center field tonight.  I am glad that Tal’s Hill is finally gone, I think it messed with our hitters knowing they couldn’t hit one out to CF.

With the updates, I’ll be anxious to see how it looks in real life instead of just the few pictures that have been released. Honesty, from the picture of the “ivy” wall (it’s fake plastic), it kind of looks out of place to me…

My Astros Trade Proposal for Jose Quintana


First, I definitely would not trade Alex Bregman. He is such a baseball natural, and I see him developing much the same way as a previous Houston baseball natural – Jeff Bagwell. Baggy didn’t have great size or speed, but worked his butt off in the weight room and in studying the game to join Barry Bonds as the ONLY PLAYERS IN MLB HISTORY with two 40 HR/ 30 SB seasons…

Will AJ Hinch Give Kemp Same Chance He Gave Bregman?


I’ll be honest, I am a huge fan of Tony Kemp. With his small strike zone, good speed, and pesky left handed bat, I can see him being a great #2 hitter in the lineup.

So, I’m not sure why AJ Hinch wont stick him in there and leave him. He has certainly proved himself at every stop in the minors…

Springer and Bregman like Biggio and Bagwell

As a die hard ‘Stros fan, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities in these two (well, four). In this article, I’ll just stick with them – but Astros fans are overflowing with joy at the thought of these two PLUS ALTUVE AND CORREA!…

Only Keuchel and McCullers Should Be Locks In The Rotation


*One big factor for all fans to remember: The fence is MOVING IN this year. Our pitcher’s ERA’s will rise.

Starting pitching for the Astros was not great last year…


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