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Westbrook’s Help Pretty Close To Harden’s During Season


National sports personalities are highly annoying this time of year.

After ONE PLAYOFF GAME (Game 1 of Rockets-Thunder) in which his teammates struggled, many implied that they played like that the whole year and said “Look at what Westbrook has to play with.”

Well why don’t we…

Rockets Should Be Happy With Playoff Bracket


James Harden Points

If James Harden plays in the Rockets last 3 games of the season (including tonight, which he has already started), then he would need to score 146 points – an average of 48.66 points – to average 30 ppg for the season. It would technically be 29.95 points.

If he only plays in two of the games, he would need to score 116 points – an average of 58 points per game.

It’s hard to think a player averaging 30 points and 11 assists on a 3rd place team could lose an MVP race to a player on a 6th place team (Russell Westbrook).

Looking Ahead To 2018 For Houston Rockets

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