Astros Finally Have Proper Batting Order

I’ve been hoping to see a lefty bat in the #2 spot for awhile now. I was thinking Aoki, but Reddick works just fine too.

I was happy to turn the game on tonight against Seattle and see that Reddick was sandwiched between Springer and Altuve.

Even against a LHP, I would still like to see Reddick or Aoki hitting #2.  When we stack all of our right handed batters at the top, I actually think it helps the pitcher adjust to facing right handed bats.

I’m still not sure I like Springer hitting leadoff. He sure is hitting a lot of solo home runs. I’d like to see him get some ABs with runners on, so maybe we should try him in the middle of the lineup. Plus, Springer is showing to be a terrible base runner – not something we want in the leadoff spot.

On the other hand, George hits a lot of ground balls – which could be rally killing double plays in the middle of the lineup.

I think my favorite lineup is still Altuve leading off. I just think he is the most likely guy to get on first and then pester the pitcher with his base-stealing ability.

Soooo…, something like:

  1. Altuve
  2. Reddick
  3. Correa
  4. Bregman
  5. Beltran
  6. Springer
  7. McCann
  8. Gurriel
  9. Aoki

No matter what lineup Hinch puts out there, the good thing is that you can interchange Altuve, Correa, Bregman, and Springer for each other.

I would try to change it up, just to keep the guys fresh mentally and trying something new.

Anyway, we are now up 7-5 and hopefully will hang on to win this one. The bats are coming around finally!


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