Astros Need To Change Up The Batting Order

This is just an idea to get our bats going.

Looking at some of the successful teams from last year, like the Cubs and Rangers, I noticed that they changed the batting order quite a bit.

And it makes sense. In a 162 game season, changing the lineup is a little mental stimulation that can help players from wearing down psychologically due to the grind of the season.

One prominent player I noticed the effect on was Carlos Gomez. Looking at his success in Milwaukee and with the Rangers, you can check the game logs and see that he would often hit leadoff. He would also hit 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

But with us, Hinch just kept sticking him at #5… then 6… and then 7 for a good portion of the first half, and hoped that he would break out of his slump.

That’s what I don’t want to see with Altuve.

Why don’t we try Altuve at leadoff? That way it’s something different, and he can just focus on getting on base.

With Springer’s power stroke obviously working right now, it also might help to move him to the cleanup spot and get some more RBI chances.

I’d like to see us try something like

  1. Altuve
  2. Beltran
  3. Correa
  4. Springer
  5. Reddick
  6. Bregman
  7. McCann
  8. Gurriel
  9. Aoki

That’s just a rough draft. We could try hitting Reddick or Aoki 2nd too. I like having the lefty bat sandwiched between Altuve and Correa.

Also, I think the lineup should be a fluid thing.

It makes sense to move the struggling guys down until they break out of the slump.

Aoki and McCann, specifically, are two proven hitters that are actually producing right now. Why are they consistently hitting behind Gurriel and Bregman – two guys with hardly a reliable track record of MLB success?

For that matter, why not try moving down Altuve and Correa for a game or two? It’d be nice to show the guys that production gets rewarded – and lack of production can move you down in the lineup.

At the moment, Springer and McCann are our most dangerous bats, while Marwin and Aoki are putting up good at-bats. We could also try something like:

  1. Marwin
  2. Aoki
  3. Springer
  4. McCann
  5. Correa
  6. Reddick
  7. Beltran
  8. Altuve
  9. Bregman

I would LOVE to see that! It shows the guys that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or what your resume says – we will give more at bats to the guys who are locked in and giving us the best chance to win.

I just want to see us start hitting like we can, and I’d rather us try and be proactive than penciling in the same lineup every game and hoping.


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