Texans Had The Cap Room To Bring Back Bouye…and Simon

The Houston Texans went into this offseason with about $20 million to spend.

First, let’s consider the draft. Based on their slot values, the Texans should allocate about $10 million, and that’s an aggressive estimate. That includes about $5 million for the actual picks, and another $5 million if they were to sign 10 undrafted free agents (which is high based on recent NFL trends).

So that would leave them with about $10 million, assuming no one is cut.

I was more than frustrated when looking at the contract AJ Bouye signed. His cap figure for 2017 is only $5.5 million. Why the heck didn’t we match that?

Image result for aj bouye

The day after he signed, the Texans made the trade of Osweiler, freeing up another $10 million. I have to believe that Rick Smith had been planning this trade before AJ Bouye signed with Jacksonville. But assuming he wasn’t sure the trade would happen, could he not have asked Bouye to wait a day?

Looking at John Simon, his cap hit is about $5.8 million for 2017. Again, with the Osweiler savings, this could have been afforded as well.

Image result for john simon

I would much rather have kept the league’s #1 defense together, rather than hope to sign Tony Romo – which is what I hear we are saving this cap space for. I’ll take my chances with Savage or Weeden. They’ve at least been in the system for a couple of years.

As I’ve written before, this is eerily reminiscent of the offseason after 2012. The Texans were coming off of two straight playoff seasons, and they had a terrific defense. They decided to let a promising OLB and DB go, in Connor Barwin and Glover Quin. These two would have their best seasons elsewhere.

And then 2-14 happened, as an aging and injury prone QB (Matt Schaub) fell off the map.

So this offseason, I’m disappointed. The Texans put in the hard work and accomplished something difficult – building a great defense. Now they are letting pieces of it go, gambling on a QB.

History shows they have just as good a chance on finding a QB in the draft or one of the incumbents stepping up as they do as actually having success with a Free Agent.

Oilers Chiefs Football

Sure, Manning worked out in Denver. Montana took Kansas City to the playoffs. Brett Favre had Minnesota on the brink of a superbowl.

On the flip side, how did Favre do with the Jets? How about Kurt Warner with the Giants? Elvis Grbac with the Ravens? Bledsoe in Buffalo, and then in Dallas? How about Cutler in Chicago?

There’s no guarantee. I would have kept the sure thing together, which was a great defense.



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